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General plan of “Smart City” will be submitted in summer of 2013

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

“Smart city Kazan” should become a new business center of the Republic of Tatarstan. Offices of various companies there will be located there. The international center for exhibitions and conferences will become one of the first facilities of the city-satellite. The area of commercial development is expected to reach 6.3 thousand sq. m. 160 thousand jobs will be created there. The population of the city is expected to reach 75 thousand people.

“Smart city Kazan” is the project of the Agency of Investment Development of Tatarstan which is being accomplished with participation of the Malaysian consortium, the company AMANAH Capital Group, Straits Consulting Engineers. The project is being implemented under the supervision of the President of Tatarstan.

As expected, the project will become a business card of Tatarstan. The developers of the project consider that the modern international class infrastructure of the “Smart city Kazan” will attract large international, Russian and Tatarstan companies. The project “Smart city Kazan” will become a new business platform, as well as a major international center for exhibitions and conferences.

Let’s remind that earlier the “Smart city Kazan”, the project Innopolis together with the territory of Kazan were combined into the conception of Greater Kazan. As expected this project will make the region more attractive to foreign investments. “Smart city Kazan”, as it’s planned, will become a new business center of Tatarstan, and in Innopolis specialists will be working on latest developments in IT-sphere.

Earlier the Federal government approved the plan of construction of the first stage of Innopolis. 155 thousand inhabitants should be settled in this satellite town near Kazan, about 60 thousand of them will be employees of IT industry. Authorities plan to build a new town area of 20 square kilometers.

For a start, in 2012-2014 technopark with a football stadium, University and numerous institutions of public catering will be built in the town. In addition, housing, scientific and production bases, kindergarten, school, hospital, shops and other facilities will also be built there.

Source: http://www.tatarstan.com/en/news/2419/general-plan-of-smart-city-will-be-submitted-in-summer-of-2013

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