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Smart City Kazan Holds Workshop On Key Economic Drivers

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency (TIDA) hosted a workshop entitled “Key Economic Drivers for SMART City Kazan” in cooperation with the Tatarstan Development Corporation today.

The workshop gathered together the SMART City Kazan consortium (including Malaysian companies AJM Planning & Urban Design Group, Straits Consulting Engineers, Amanah Capital Group, and Tatarstan company Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt), future residents and investors of SMART City Kazan, along with representatives of local government, businesses, and institutes of higher education to discuss the viability of the economic sectors that will become key economic drivers for SMART City Kazan.

The workshop was moderated by AJM Planning & Urban Design Group Managing Director NorlizaHashim, head of the working group of the TatarstanDevleopment Strategy to 2030 Vladimir Gritskikh, and TIDA Chief Executive LinarYakupov.

Following opening remarks by LinarYakupov, NorlizaHashim gave a brief overview of the current stage of development of the working master plan of SMART City Kazan.

As NorlizaHashim explained, the master plan is being developed around four economic drivers – a business and trade cluster, a knowledge cluster, hospitality and tourism, and a logistics hub. These areas were chosen as a result of a five-day workshop that the SMART City Kazan consortium held in IT-Park in September 2012 with local architects companies, and students.

In developing the master plan, NorlizaHashim explained, particular importance was placed on stimulating the creation of new jobs. Emphasis was also put on integrating the new development as much as possible with already existing infrastructure and centers of knowledge. “You need to believe in the whole ecosystem,” she said.

In response to a question by Vladimir Gritskikh, NorlizaHashim stressed the important role that government will play in ensuring the project’s success. “Government support plays an important role in the success of such projects -- government involvement will send a signal of confidence to investors,” she explained. At the same time, she added, the project will not survive without the involvement of strategic partners in the private sector.

The bulk of the remaining time of the workshop was devoted to a discussion of the viability of a medicine cluster within SMART City Kazan, which included the participation of First Deputy to the Minister of Heath Care of Tatarstan Adel Vafin and Director of Corporate Information Routines RustamSungatov.

“Modern medicine is rapidly transforming, as latest science discoveries are immediately incorporated into practice. Tatarstan has become a paragon in the use of innovative technology in medicine for all of Russia,” Sungatov noted in his comments, explaining that more than 40 regions of Russia currently use an medical information system that was pioneered in Tatarstan. Furthermore, Sungatov added, Tatarstan’s medical expertise is drawing international attention. For these reasons, he explained, a medicine cluster based in SMART City Kazan has enormous potential.

In response to a question from ValdimirGritskikh about where he saw his company as a future resident of SMART City Kazan, Sungatov immediately replied in the affirmative.

First Deputy of the Minister of Health Care Adel Safin concurred with Sungatov’s positive characterization of the region’s medical practices. “Tatarstan is one of the leading regions in the field of high-technology medical treatment,” he said.

Representatives of Kazan State Medical University also joined in the discussion, expressing their support of the development of such a cluster in SMART City Kazan, and suggesting that the SMART City Kazan consortium incorporate medical tourism into the cluster’s economic profile.

Source: http://www.investinkazan.ru/index.php/en/info-center/news/178-smart-city-kazan-holds-workshop-on-key-economic-drivers)

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