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Project Management

We are project managers and construction managers. We can manage the process of turning your dreams and visions into concepts and subsequently into high quality facilities that will form the human-built environment of the future.

We perform feasibility studies, project evaluation, design management, value engineering, project planning, scheduling and control, resources planning, contract and financial management, construction management, project audits and operation and maintenance planning and management. We can even start by creating the dream itself.

Highways, railways, bridges, public transport systems, airports, ports, inland ports, transport terminals and complexes, power plants, power networks, telecommunications and IT networks, dams, water supply schemes, irrigation systems, pipelines, real estate developments, resorts, commercial developments, industrial facilities, bulk storage facilities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, universities, defence facilities, correctional facilities, waste management facilities, earth structures and slopes, land reclamation, environmental management and cleanups, sports facilities, recreational facilities, places of worship, and a whole gamut of man-made facilities and activities that can be called projects.

Project Management;
Managing the implementation of projects without being directly involved as a contractor.

Construction Management;
Managing construction projects for independent contractors.

EPC Contracting;
Undertaking full responsibility for the engineering design, procurement and construction of a facility.

Provision of Technical Support Services;
Performing all necessary back office technical functions to support project owners who want to manage their own projects.

Management Contracting;
Acting as the lead managing contractor in any project requires a consortium of contractors and subcontractors for the construction of a facility.

Project Evaluation;
Developing an idea into a project concept, assessing its technical feasibility, estimating its cost and appraising its economic viability.

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