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Lenggong Valley Archaeological Heritage
Lenggong, Perak, Malaysia

Identified as a site with Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) by UNESCO’s World Heritage Organization, the National Heritage Department of Malaysia (NHD) is tasked with preparing a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) and a Special Area Plan (SAP) to protect this incredibly historic site.

The site yielded archaeological artefacts dated as far as 1.83 million years showing cultural sequences of the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic and the Metal periods. It is also the site where the oldest most complete human skeleton, called the Perak Man, was found in a Palaeolithic burial ritual.

With the importance and significance of the site, Straits was appointed to prepare the CMP and SAP for Lenggong Valley, specifically to advise the NHD on methods to create awareness in the construction sector, and subsequently to develop special guidelines for development and earthmoving activities in order to protect the archaeological heritage.

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