Straits is dedicated to the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency and power transmission. The company offers a multidisciplinary approach and decades of expertise to ensure the success of every project we run with our customers.

For end users, project developers and investors we provide services from start to finish: throughout the lifecycle of the project, from pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, budgeting and financial analysis, procurement management, project management and supervision, commissioning and operations and maintenance.

Consulting Services

With our team’s broad background and experiences, Straits can provide a number of energy related consulting services. From environmental engineering to civil and mechanical engineering, to physics and electrical engineering, and even finance and accounting, our team is ready to provide end-to-end consulting services. We are ready to assist with market analysis and roadmap planning, technical consulting services and capacity building development projects.

Cost Saving Through Energy Management

Having been trained, and also having given training on different types of energy project financial analysis, modelling and valuation, we can help our clients develop projects for their facilities that result in a real cost savings for their operational budget. Combining our financial and accounting knowledge with our technical background gives us the capability to help our clients save money through their energy usage. This also allows us to work with investors and project developers who are willing to finance green energy projects that include some human environmental interaction and fit their financial goals based largely on our project analysis report.

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