Hospitality & Resorts

Hotels and resorts are dual functional: both as a comfortable place to stay when away from home, but also as landmarks that in themselves attract tourists and visitors. Straits combines world-class expertise with a deeply rooted understanding of the local context for all hotel and resort projects.

The hotel and resorts specialists

Our hotel and resorts specialists comprise representatives from multidisciplinary engineering departments including mechanical and electrical services engineers, civil and structural engineers, fire engineers, acoustic consultants and environmental engineers. This gives Straits the experience needed to design memorable buildings and efficient infrastructure for the travel, leisure and tourist industries.

Integration of ground-breaking technologies

Ground-Breaking Renewable Technologies have played an important role in the energy solutions for hotel developments for over 30 years. In almost all instances, hotels operate 24/7 and this leads hotels to being one of the highest commercial energy consumers. The continuous use nature of a hotel works very effectively with Renewables as they can function to their full operating efficiency.

Significant operating cost savings can be realised through the appropriate selection of Renewable Technologies. Straits engineers have designed some very innovative solutions to minimising hotel running costs, and have been responsible for the design of the Malaysia's largest ground source heat pump solution on any hotel in the Malaysia.

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