Water industries can be classified in many sectors such water engineering, operations, water and wastewater plant construction, equipment supply and specialist water treatment chemicals. Every year Malaysia is looking for an enhancement of water quality and efficiency to the end users. Moreover, in support of Vision 2020 (towards achieving developed nation status), water agencies in Malaysia have mutually agreed to conserve and manage its water resources under their jurisdictions to ensure adequate and safe water for all including the environment.

Straits are concerned about the quality of infrastructure and adequacy of water resources. As panellist engineering consultant of Air Selangor, Straits are eager to support the renewal and replacement of infrastructure and its assets improvements. Increasing in water efficiency and quality level are the rewarding outcome for our client to optimise the profit. We have experienced engineers that could offer a wide range of water engineering design such water reticulation, water tank, reservoirs and water treatment plan, retention pond and rainwater harvesting system.

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