Engineering Consultancy Services

Straits provides comprehensive engineering consultancy services in four (4) main engineering traits: Civil engineering, Structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering and Transportation engineering. The full consultancy services include advisory of design works by using the latest design tools and supervision of construction works at site.

Civil Engineering

Being one of the oldest engineering disciplines, we believe great civil engineering is basis of all great projects. Therefore, you can rest assured that every project we deliver will exceed your expectations.
(Site planning, Road and rail alignments, earthwork, drainage, stormwater management, coastal protection, hydrology and hydraulic studies, utility supply and distribution, traffic staging design, safety study, erosion and sediment control)

Structural Engineering

At Straits, we are aware of the challenges faced with designing complex structures in today’s architecture. We approach each structure with attention to detail and emerge with ingenious solutions to meet the design intent and Client’s expectations.
(Commercial & Residential structure design, Bridge design and rehabilitation design)

Geotechnical Engineering

Our geotechnical engineers are experienced in assessing the unpredictable soil conditions to provide stability to our Client’s projects.
(Subsurface investigation analysis, ground improvement design, settlement analysis, Land reclamation, shallow and deep foundation design, monitoring and instrumentation planning, Slope stability and remediation, slope rehabilitation design, retaining wall design)

Transportation Engineering

The artery of every city in the world is the transportation system’s airports, railways, highways, ports. Transportation engineering on the other hand is the application of theoretical and technical knowledge to ensure these systems run smoothly for the cities to come alive.
(Highway Design, interchange design, tollway design, transit planning, public transport system)

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