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"Straits Consulting Engineer, has a proud tradition of service as
an Engineering Firm Since 1990."

Straits Consulting Engineers, headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia brings over more than 30 years of local and national consultancy experience; with a reputation for delivering large and unique design-build or engineering technical advisory ahead of schedule and on budget. Our company has served clients and building owners for over four decades. In that time, we have found that the key to every project’s success is understanding the owner’s needs and expectations and then exceeding those expectations.


We are engineers and project managers. We can manage and engineer the process of turning your dreams and visions into concepts and subsequently into high quality facilities that will form the human-built environment of the future.

We perform comprehensive engineering studies, design and management at any stage of project development; feasibility studies, project planning, front-end engineering, detail design, procurement, construction management as well as maintenance and operations.

Government or private projects, new or rehabilitati on projects; foundations,structures, buildings, complexes, infrastructures, developments, townships, cities and corridors, we bring creativity and experience to take any project to its greatest potential.

The best way of predicting the future is to invent it
Alan Kay (Computer Scientist Graphic User Interphase)


Straits was founded by Dato’ Dr. Ramli Mohamad in 1990. We started our business by providing geotechnical and project management expertise to Kinta Kellas PLC (now Opus International PLC) and UnitedEngineers (M) Bhd for the North-South Expressway project; the largest and most ambitious highway project Malaysia had ever seen.

Straits was involvedin the project management and construction of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE), the Malaysia-Singapore SecondCrossing (LINKEDUA), the National Sports Complex (NSC) at Bukit Jalil, the Putra LRT, the Manila-Cavite Expressway, the Kualiti Alam hazardous waste treatment facility at Bukit Nenas, Negeri Sembilan, several hospitals in Sabah and Sarawak.Most recently, Straits was involved in the designand construction management of Kuala Lumpur’s new Low Cost Carrier Airport,the KLIA2.

In 2011, the leadership of Straits was transitioned to Amin Ramli. Sharing his father’s vision, Amin brings international experience, from his work at STV Inc in the United States and now leads the company forward through adaptation of sustainable solutions fitting for the 21st century.