Vision without action is merely dream. Action without vision just past time. Vision with action can change the world.

Joel Barker, Author & Lecturer


To be a unique and significant player in the global engineering and construction industry, through adaptation of sustainable and proficient approach that will provide absolute satisfaction to its customers, betterment to the public community and benefit to the environment for the good of this generation and the next. To passionately seek and apply knowledge and thoroughness to finding the most efficient way to complete projects ahead of schedule, within budget and beyond the expected quality.

An engineering design consultancy company registered with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia, Straits will also establish a global presence. With special interest in countries in South-East Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle-East, Straits strives to commit in the region’s infrastructure development and modernization programs.

Your project is important to you. So, we make it personal to us.


The Straits ideology is founded upon the philosophy of establishing confidence and trust with all its clients, partners and project stakeholders. These include government agencies, project owners, public communities, project financiers, contractors, consultants, non-government organisations, special interest organisations as well as the environment.

At Straits, we make it a point to adopt sustainable and lasting solutions, so that the future generations will continue to enjoy the luxury of clear water, blue skies and green landscapes. We strive for success, through active listening, research and doing what engineers do best; solving problems.